CA Final – SCMPE (Fastrack Batch) for Nov 23 – CA Sankalp Kanstiya (Full English)

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Duration : 150-170 HOURS Approx.
Views : 1.7 views
Validity : 9 months
No. Of Lectures : 55 Lectures
Batch Recording- 2022 Year
Study Material :
Optimised 5.0
(2 Volumes)
1 Magic book
(Fully Coloured)

System Requirement :
For Android Version, the Google Drive option and Pendrive option
Once installed on a particular Laptop or Mobile, the same cannot be used on a different device. Simultaneous login on both Android App and Laptop is not permitted. The machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.

For Google Drive & Pendrive
1. It can be played on LAPTOP Only.
2. It will run only on Windows OS.
3. It will run only on Windows 8.1 or 10 or above.

For Mobile (Android ONLY)
1. It will NOT Run on MOTOROLA devices.
2. Android version 7.0 or higher will be required.
3. 3 GB Ram & 32 GB Internal Memory  least will be Required



CA Sankalp Kanstiya

How You want it?

GoogleDrive/Mobile(Android), Pendrive/USB


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